1. j/k

    Are you sure this isn’t from the Linda Lovelace sequel: Inferno II Reverse Piledriver?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Wait, is this the Wilmer Valderamma pic?

  3. A hilarious outtake from a previously lost “Mork & Mindy” episode where Mork unwittingly activates an Orcan gender reversal device…

  4. sweet outfits

  5. Perfect position to wear her like a feed bag

  6. tlmck

    I think they need to re-read the Kama Sutra.

  7. Now’s the time to bury your face in there. Go for it! YOLO!

  8. Who’s the black public dick…

    You know what? I’m gonna stop there.

  9. Because all gay folk run around in Pride Flag clothes 24/7.

    *eye roll*

  10. Quit being a show-off, Leighton. There’s nothing wrong with missionary.

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