1. ThisWillHurt

    Yup, that’s definitely a crack baby.

  2. Pete

    Denise’s body is wasting away to nothing – all I see are veins, some muscle and lots of bones. Why Denise? Don’t you realize you were hot as hell before?

  3. Pathos Avenger

    Madonna looks different now.

  4. so sad how she aged a decade in 2 years…gain some weight woman, having a bit of body fat is a good thing.

  5. Out of the whole lot, who would have thought Denise would turn out to be the stable, mature one? Have to give her kudos for taking Charlie and Brooke’s kids, since they’re obviously too coked out to do it.

  6. “I’ve been doing Weight Watchers and am very close to my goal weight of 64 pounds.”

  7. Damn, Denise! What the fuck happened? Eat something.

  8. Brit

    Yeah, so you can carry a lot of stuff, eh, but I’d like to see you juggle all four items without dropping one..

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