1. DeucePickle

    Even the white guys at his foundation’s event are blacker than he is

  2. “So, have you birdied any new pussy lately? Bawitdaba?”

  3. Brad Pitt-Stains

    Straight from Bizzaro World – where the toys collect us, and the troll dolls have tiny heads.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “Good luck on your performance tonight, Chris.”
    “I’m n- I’m not Chris Brown.”
    “OK, well, congratulations on your nomination, Drake.”
    “I’m not Drake. I’m Tiger Woods.”
    “Oh, OK. Soooooo . . . You rap? Sing? Dance?”
    “I play golf.”
    “Ha! Seriously, you dance, right?”

  5. Kid Rock and Tiger Woods at the All Knickname Awards.

  6. Behold, the two men responsible for banging 99% of the waffle-house and cocktail waitresses, East of the Mississippi.

  7. This picture makes Tiger look very two dimensional. Oh.. wait.

  8. “So, it’s agreed?”

    “Yes, Tiger. Quantity, not quality.”

  9. AKA-Invincible

    In this picture you have a rich white guy that will snort coke from a strippers ass crack and then you have Kid Rock.

  10. FishingDr

    you know that Pamela Anderson has some big breasts. Really big, huge…just coming out the top of her dress, they were like, chokin’ her.

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