1. GLT

    How cute! They’re sucking out each others souls.

  2. diego

    Has anyone told this poor kid that not only is she not famous anymore, but she was written out of the will as well?

  3. She learned this move from John Coffey.

  4. “I wanna give your face a blowjob.”
    “What does that mean, my darling?”
    “I told you I hate questions. Just let me do it.”

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “C’mere, baby. Let me show you something Alicia Silverstone taught me.”

  6. The scientists called it… “The Paris Virus.” But it did not originate in France.

  7. It’s from all those years of many, many men all saying “Close your eyes and open wide!”

  8. Cock Dr

    Did Paris get her nose bobbed? It looks different.
    Enquiring minds wanna know.

  9. Pathos Avenger

    Don’t ever look a preying mantis in the eyes…

  10. anonymous

    Yep….no denying that their blowjob styles differ.

  11. bewbs

    I see London I see France, I see Paris giving some guy a cold sore.

  12. this looks like the moment the vicious snake opens its big fanged mouth to eat the cute little mouse.

  13. what, is she like 50 now?

  14. Seaman Magee

    he is feeding the bird

  15. blerg

    Justin Bieber has herpes now.

  16. Somehow they just don’t quite seem to be on the same page…

  17. She’s 11 years older than him. Ughhh.

  18. Whenever anything approaches her face, her mouth just automatically opens to dick-size.

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