1. Love him, but not the ‘stache.

  2. “Cap’n…The Dylithium Crystals can’nae take this kind of pressure!”

  3. maoix

    Can’t just suppress 65 million years of mustache instinct.

  4. “Damn, it! I forgot to take the mustache off from last night’s hipster gala, didn’t I?”

  5. No dead calm happening here, no sir.

  6. CrashHell

    “Now it has been found that some West African Tree Frogs have been known to spontaneously sprout mustaches in mustacheless environments…Life finds a way…”

  7. Your Huckleberry

    I have no idea what else is in this photo….all I see is that mustache, taunting me and telling me it will see me in my nightmares for the next several weeks.

  8. Well, if we have to lose Sam Neill, at least we got a second John Cleese out of it.

  9. “Fear not madam…Inspector Clouseau is on the case!”

  10. “Table for two ..please follow me Monsiuer.”

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