1. Sometimes, even vertical stripes are not enough.

  2. Looks like just anyone at the new Walmart in Rockland, Maine.

  3. I’m just happy she isn’t wearing shorts and I’m not staring at her pale, lumpy, ham hock thighs.

  4. Is anyone besides me old enough to remember Mason Reese? Lena looks just like him in this pic.

  5. you ever see one of those fat girls that has a pretty face? This is not one of those girls.

  6. “Hmmmmmm…what a nice car. I wonder what I would look like naked in it?”

  7. I think she’d make a perfect wife for Mel Gibson. Don’t you?

  8. Still showing too much skin.

  9. This is why Louie CK doesnt bang fat chicks.

  10. Hopalong

    Is it me or is she the George Costanza of HBO.

  11. Her body’s shape is a frozen turkey.

  12. Don’t bring back this girl

  13. Don’t talk about her because it’s physically impossible too mention her without noting how fat she is.

  14. Oh, it’s just stripes. I guess she learned her lesson with corduroy after starting all those fires.

  15. Can we trade this girl for all the other ones? Please, we can even sweeten the deal with the Kardashians and Bieber.

  16. “What the fuck is that fat,ugly thing?…oh, it’s my reflection.”

  17. Just looking at her, you know she doesn’t have an even number of nipples.

    • lawn

      No, she really does have just two, which she seems, for some reason, to want to show to us on the slightest provocation.

  18. Steve

    Who is this woman and why is she relevant?

  19. cc

    ‘Okay look, I’ll lower my price to a dollar…okay 50 cents…alright I’ll pay you.’

  20. Man, Bruce Jenner looks terrible.

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