1. Tiggles

    “When they said this was about Jewish values, I thought that meant I’d be getting Big & Tall suits at retail! Hahaha . . ha . . ahem.”

  2. I had the nomination in the bag. Why did I have to fuck around with that stupid bridge?

  3. Bonky

    “Well, lets put it into perspective. If Hitler had to cross a bridge
    to get into Poland back in 1938, and I was there, he never would
    have got in. See what I’m saying ? I’m not such a bad guy
    now, am I ?”

  4. “bring me a matzah ball sandwich!”

  5. When asked to appear at a “Jewish Values” event, try not to look like you’ve eaten all the bacon in the Eastern Seaboard.

  6. He is the kind of asshole that I could see making a “kike” reference or joke at an event like this and thinking it was totally appropriate.

    • American Rob Ford.

    • Rob Ford is a retarded crackhead clown.

      Chris Christie is a really smart guy (who made a big mistake with the bridge incident), no matter what you think of his politics. He’s absolutely not the kind of guy who would make an inappropriate joke like that.

  7. “I coulda been a contenda…”

  8. “Yes, I know this is a potluck. I brought a smoked ham…”

  9. Spleen


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