1. Kris Jenner

    I see Kaley Cuoco is trying to be the next superman


    Hate this shit, both racing and jumping. They push them far too hard.

    Now, if they were riding other celebrities … I’d watch the fuck out of that.

  3. I never thought I would envy her husband, until now…but just until I’m done fapping.

  4. Short Round

    Start to understand her love of horses. When her husband inevitably runs out on her she’ll hunt him down on a horse. Because her knight in shining armor will definitely need a horse to woo her back. Accidentally, she also started learning metal forging.

  5. Powerful set of haunches there.

  6. Dick Thunder

    Nice of Kelly Rowland to let her ride her like that.

  7. This photo would convince me that she’s a beast in bed, but I know she’s a crazy clinger and crazy chicks are always beasts in bed.

  8. Swearin

    It’s good that she is keeping that horse in prime jumping condition, so it will come as no surprise when he uses it to leap the fence of their estate when he escapes

  9. Kaley’s never looked better! Who’s the jockey?

  10. Color me impressed Sarah Jessica Parker, color me impressed.

  11. This picture wins the day — spanktacular!

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