1. Just a couple of straight guys hanging out.

  2. Tiggles

    “Lohan has got to be kidding posting this Cannes price list! ‘Dress up like a homely Latina housemaid’ is $1,000! I’ll be back – when she’s running a discount!”

  3. “Hey, homos, my face is up here.”

  4. “I vant to order some maid service.”

    “You mean room service?”

    “Ya sure. what did I say?”

  5. Is that guy on the right not the biggest looking pussy?

  6. Dis apple is crunchy.

  7. gumbypokey

    Deltoid separation at 67 years old. Winning.

  8. Vlad

    Hey, fellas, look at dis site called the soopafeeshal, dey got a pickcha of me holding an ipad on some balcony with a couple of loosas. They look all queer and girly…oh, wait, nevamind. Dis technology is amazing!

  9. “Dammit! My comment didn’t make it into The Most Important People on the Internet!”

  10. Mike Walker

    It’s like summer at Berghof.

  11. “Zese eyegoggles do not werk !”

  12. cc

    Arnold tweets ‘Gerry Lee Lewis guy never ages, huh? #whatshissecret #antiaging’

  13. Voice of Reisling

    Two and a Half Menz

  14. “Vhat is an eleven letter vurd for Latina Houzekeeper? It vould be M- E- _ – I- C- A-_ M- A- I-_?

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