1. Welcome back to France, Monsieur. Here is your tax bill.

  2. This guy always looks like he just shit himself or he’s going to shit himself at any time.

    And that’s not just because all people over 300lbs are in constant danger of a shit emergency.

  3. “Thees ees not ze McDonald’s drive-thru weendow! I have been DUPED!”

  4. I think he just evacuated. Poor driver.

  5. “Taxes, hell no, I have to get out of here fast”

  6. Vlad

    Yeah, yeah, I don’t care who you are…just tell me where the bathroom is.

  7. cc

    He’s reacting like I would to the sight of an unwaxed Kardashian.

  8. anthony

    “Remember when Katherine Heigl played your daughter in Green Card and she wore a thong?”

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