1. Are we sure she doesn’t have the power to create a singularity between her breasts?

  2. Juch

    How cute, he’s looking for a way out – just like his dad.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m fairly certain the short one is a girl and the tall one isn’t.

  4. I don’t know how much you get for being in a Lifetime movie, but she’s done enough of them to be able to afford to get that shit fixed.

  5. fred

    I only have two questions:

    1. Why does she ever wear anything other than a turtleneck?

    2. Why did she give her son the same haircut Jennifer Anniston had in 1994?

    Oh, and when did she turn into a chimpanzee in a white wig? So , three questions. I guess I have three questions, really.

    • Trek Girl

      You can’t blame the boys haircut on Tori, actually.

      His dad is responsible for that, and from what I can remember, she wasn’t too happy about it. Well, the situation resulting in the haircut, not the style itself, if I’m remembering correctly.

      It is a feminine haircut. I don’t understand why the stylist didn’t do the right haircut for his face… They should know better.

  6. Why’s her husband getting all the grief?

    I wouldnt want to bang the Crypt Keeper, either

  7. Her son is a young Jodie Foster?

  8. bob

    look how fucked up her face is

  9. Jade

    When she got her son’s hair cut, did she just ask for the “Kate Gosselin”?

  10. A gallon of Bondo should help fill that

  11. Well, at least she’s not driving.

  12. “Mommy. are we poor?”
    “Not really, we’re Hollywood poor. Now come along, mommy needs to get her tits refilled at Jiffy Lube.”

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