1. More like Busta Scales, amirite?

  2. Busta Belt Buckle

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Good to see they’re selling BBQ Sauce in single serving bottles now.

  4. I bet they both had to sit on opposite sides of the aisle from each other, otherwise the landing gear would snap from the weight of both of them on the same side.

  5. Shit France, you better watch out, he’s come to busta cheese.

  6. Trainer: “Yo Busta, you remember to work out every day when you takin’ them steroids and drinkin’ protein shakes, right?”
    Busta: “No… “

  7. The debate on whether or not smoking weed stimulates your appetite appears to be over.

  8. CrashHell

    FLIP A-LA-MODE! Gimmiesomemo!

  9. ultra

    busta gut.

  10. david(guest)

    Busta the nearest diabeetus clinic

  11. Forget Ol’ Busta Gut here, I am more interested in when Paula Deen got so dark and tatted.

  12. That’s not a bottle of water, it was a bottle of ranch dressing.

  13. “Let’s hustle on outta here. I want to try one o’ them Royale with Cheese things.”

  14. Woo-hah! Got ya all in check! (Except you, blood sugar.)

  15. Umm busta, I’m gonna need you to have your vitals checked….stat!

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