1. Invisible Rumer Willis?

  2. “I’ve been holding on to a secret for over 20 years now, Doc. I’m the father of all of Demi Moore’s children.”

    “We know, Jay.”

    “How could you tell?

    “How could we not?”

  3. Smapdi

    “I couldn’t decide if I wanted to strangle Conan, or just knee him in the balls. In the end, I decided to just stab him in the back.”

  4. I wonder what would strike first, the heel or the chin?

  5. See, this pose looks dignified when someone besides Coco does it.

  6. “I once put a man’s balls THIS big into my mouth; and that’s how my chin got this way.”

  7. cc

    Actually, this looks a bit like my dad recounting the story of how he was bitten by a viper.

  8. ..And this is where Joey Lawrence bit me when I said he couldn’t have any of my Doritos!

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