1. meeps!

    Speaking of cans…

  2. Despite the fuckuppery going on in her top, she’s looking a lot better lately. Cutting the hair and toning down the whore makeup seems to be a good move.

  3. She looks great. Even young, gay Elvis thinks so.

  4. George P Burdell

    This is the first documented sighting of a hooker paying for a “Corey Feldman”

  5. Little Tongue

    Those tits have a life of their own. And they want OUT.

  6. When did she start dating 1986?

  7. Urbanspaceman

    Pam Anderson at Cannes is like Randy Bachman at the Montreal Jazz festival. It does not compute.

  8. Vlad

    Vern is peeking to see if the coast is clear.

  9. I’d get excited about her nipple poking out…but at this point I’m more excited to see the McRib is back.

  10. Aww… He took his mother to prom.

  11. Looks like she’s walkin arm in arm with Arnold Schwatzathingy’s son.

  12. cc

    Is he wearing sweat pants or is he half a Hasidic Jew?

  13. WTF? Is that her little boy?

  14. Mama Pinkus

    for gawd’s sake, put it away Pamela

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