1. Mike

    Thought this was Lil’ Jimmy Norton at first.

  2. It’s weird to see him smiling. Why do I feel like my life is in danger all of a sudden?

  3. anonymous

    Looks like Ron Howard in the 90′s

  4. “Gotta drive!!!”

    We tried to tell Jason this was a bad idea for a musical. But, if it was good enough for Sly….

  5. “Let;s party! I’m making another Expendables move!”
    *everyone leaves*

  6. “Oy! Get that snifter of virgin’s urine over to me and then send me a pint to chase it with.”

  7. “…but first the Tronya !”

  8. cc

    Here’s to my 53rd mediocre, formulaic action movie.

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