1. . . . but not the Jewish ones. And make sure they don’t look like a Vegas whore.

  2. Nice touch, Photo boy.

  3. Let’s see how long it takes for this to wind up on ‘proper’ news pages as a purportedly legitimate photo.

  4. And Lutz’s card should read ‘GURLS’

  5. Bring them back, so a certain former movie idol can get loaded and smack them around,

  6. Bring Back the Sugartits

  7. that is fucking amazing.

  8. Good lord, I wish this was real.

  9. Ha! I almost missed it! Still laughing!

  10. Banderas’ sign should read “BRING BACK MY WIFE’S OLD FACE”

  11. Swearin

    “so they can bring me their gay brothers and shopping buddies”
    ^ Add that to Kellan’s

  12. All this media coverage about the girls, no mention of all the boys Boko has killed. The media doesn’t talk about them at all.

    Sorry to bring the mood down.

  13. Someone needs to tell him they are black.

  14. j/k

    Are you people blind?


  15. Stallone: “I’m all for protesting and marching and such, but what girls are we talking about here?”

  16. Hating on Mel is so much fun!

  17. anthony

    Kellan Lutz looks more like Kellan Putz with that permanent goof look.

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