1. That’s a lot of douche water.

  2. Desperate to stave off yet another devastating tsunami, the Thai people have turned alternate forms of deterrents.

  3. Even the seagulls won’t touch that clam.

  4. HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. It’s perfect.

  5. It does not surprise me that Coco’s pussy farts can rival Superman’s breathing out to hold back an oncoming wave.

  6. Frank Burns

    Sorry Coco, but that’s not why people can hear the ocean when their ears are near your vadge.

  7. Flatliner

    Most beached whales just lay there and give up and die. Coco on the other hand has to make a spectacle of it.

    • Imagine being proud of a “ass” that’s mostly implants. Imagine. Then imagine going on Wendy Wiliams to “prove” your ass is real when there’s closeup pix of the incision scars on the internet. Imagine the IQ involved.

  8. I still say a lighthouse would be more effective.

  9. Shortly after this pic was taken, many beach go’ers were confused when they tried to push the whale back into the ocean and it said, “No, no… I’m just doing yoga”.

  10. It had to be said

    I smell fish.

  11. Coco is not fat. Voluptuous, yes. But it’s clear she works out and is just generously proportioned.

  12. cricket

    It’s like a potato balanced on a tooth pick.

  13. Bonky

    I’d beach my boat for that.

  14. dick thunder brain doctor

    In related news scientists are not having to work hard at all determining the cause of a catastrophic Pacific fish kill.

  15. I think I would feel less nauseated if she was less oiled-up.

  16. Robb7

    How the hell is this knucklehead gonna top this pic??!!

  17. david(guest)

    the sea air and salt water are good for infections.

  18. I love her body. She takes good care of herself and looks great.

  19. Wow they are already at work on the Godzilla sequel?

  20. Sloppy Redneck

    I don’t care I would motor boat those ass checks .

  21. Facts_

    I think she’s spoofing Hilarious Baldwin.

  22. God!! I wish I could un-see the disgusting picture of Coco

  23. Some people don’t like that sound you get when you rub a balloon.

  24. It’s like she’s cocking the action of a howitzer sized fart cannon

  25. She’s a liar. She said the incision scars below her buttocks aren’t implant surgery scars, just harpoon scars from outings like this.

  26. Fanny Chmeler

    Still from the Pacific Rim deleted scenes

  27. Where did she learn that Illuminati sign?

  28. When she was in the Navy, Coco learned the semaphore sign for “C’mon home. The coast is clear. I got my period and just took a shower.”

  29. Acromegaly is no laughing matter. I think it’s great that Coco is making it work for her.

  30. cc

    I didn’t realize it was that sunny in Newfoundland at this time of year.

  31. At least she doesn’t have peg legs to go with her balloon ass.

  32. lawn

    It’s times like this that I kind of miss Randall.

  33. Mama Pinkus

    she is amazing!

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