1. marie

    she has the shittiest stylist ever!

  2. Was she bukkake’d by a James Bond villain, or did she just pass out face down on a gilded table?

    also…nice toof

  3. jrd

    I’ve heard of people having the funk, but I’ve never seen the funk growing on someone, much less on their face.

  4. Gavagai

    Botox Mom’s older daughter…

  5. shonzie

    Ugghhh! Why is this beast even relevant? Talk about a manufactured entertainment product… sigh… Fade away talentless ogre!

  6. Oh Snap

    Make up by R. Kelly

  7. That’s what happens when you blow a Leprechaun…

  8. kimmykimkim

    Finally! A gold tooth! NOW she’s pretty.

  9. A drag queen starts off looking like a man, so you have no excuse for looking this fugly.

  10. Mike D.

    Please help me understand why people like Kesha. Can’t sing, can’t write, and ugly as hell. She apparently has pretty good taste in music (according to her Myspace page), but that’s the only positive thing about her.

  11. JC

    King Midas sure beat the hell out of this chick.

  12. Jeremy Feist

    Holy crap, it’s official: Ke$ha’s face looks the way God’s mocking laughter sounds.

  13. That’s the kind of face only Jim Henson is qualified to fix.

    • no he’s not besides the man is dead. right now he is probably glad. maybe Gates McFadden can fix it. before playing Dr.Crusher on ST:TNG she chorographed several of his films including the Dark Crystal. and Ke$ha certainly looks like McFadden’s work.

  14. When did Charlie Sheen get hair extensions?

  15. It had to be said

    Uh, you’ve got a little something on your . . . uh face.

  16. Dave Mustaine

    Ugly as sin, and talentless. Yet famous?

    What does this creature do again?

  17. As heinous as that thing looks, I still contend she makes a better model than she does a recording artist.

  18. wow

    so desperate

  19. Avid

    Is she missing a tooth?

  20. TedsBlog

    Huffing paint: You’re doing it wrong!

  21. 451-Justin Sirpelli

    Man, her role model is just trashy!

  22. Hugh Gentry

    classic beauty

  23. Stamos Fan

    she’s not missing a tooth it’s just a big ass gap.

  24. wallfly

    Only 31 more payments and she’ll have the whole grill.

  25. “Now that I can afford it all the time, I only huff GOLD paint. It’s the Cristal of Sherwin Williams.”

  26. Minigote

    In Financial News: Gold prices plummet to record lows

  27. Starring as Cap’n Jill Swallow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5: In a Stranger’s Backside’.

  28. I see she likes to get facials from treebeard.

  29. dontlooknow

    I just KNEW she was related to Charlie “Tiger Teeth” Sheen.

  30. Goldust strikes again!

  31. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    she has finally made the transition from woman to winehouse

  32. Bsting

    Jamie Lynn Spears lets big sissy do her makeup.

  33. Toopier

    Ke$ha’s stylist: Making sure her blocky body is the second thing you look at.

  34. Steve

    I have nothing witty or funny to say; she is just f*cking ugly.

  35. Retarded hairstyle with awful 80s bangs? Feathers too? Wealthy redneck tooth? Dried mustard on your face? Two lazy eyes and a cock-eyed grin? Syphilis? Come on down to RCA, have we got a record deal for you!

  36. I always wondered what Captain Jack Sparrow would like as a blonde.

  37. slappy magoo

    When Patton Oswalt does his “being poor and voting for George Bush is like being the girl blowing Michael Damian behind the Tilt A Whirl at the state fair” bit, this is the face I envision saying “Michael Damian loves me Mamma! He’s gonna take me out of this shit-splat town!”

  38. cristina


  39. Alex

    Holy $hit.

  40. Codot

    I think Rip Taylor blew a load on her face.

  41. hey Marv I think we’ve been out smarted by a kindygartner

  42. lilyrose

    i think she had a nose jobe

  43. The official spokesperson for cheap beer and wing night everywhere

  44. Louwww

    I really wish she would date Chris Brown.

  45. if she kept her clothes on i’d do her

  46. Truk

    I must be behind on my euphemisms. What DO you call it when you fap on a girl’s face then throw glitter at the mess?

  47. Truk

    Somebody call up Doc Hammer, I think I just figured out what a “rusty venture” is!

  48. the doc

    this is what happens when you have a fetish for eating assholes. diarrhea all over your eye and a rotten tooth.

  49. chupacabra

    Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem bus took off, honey. You missed your ride.

  50. parasonic

    I didn’t know Dustin Rhodes was into bukkake.

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