1. Is she being groped by Jack Bauer?

    • MrsWrong

      No, he looks like that cause he is trying to stop the bleeding, she scraped past him with her spiked double dildo harness. If this was post-concert I believe this is called adding insult to injury.

  2. slappy magoo

    Joan Rivers has never looked worse.

  3. We already think you’re the devil, no need for the spikey horns on your head.

  4. Not shown: her hat’s battery pack and lube reservoir.

  5. “Pardon me, Mrs. GaGa, but you have mistaken your IUD for a hat again….”

  6. bassackwards

    and YES!! she is a true ASSHAT!

  7. Cock Dr

    That headwear looks extremely dangerous.

  8. And when Theseus got to the middle of the maze…

  9. argleblargle

    It looks like she cut off a toddler’s lower half and turned into a hat.

  10. Hola

    I wore that to work today! What a fucking copy cat!

  11. Tad Bit Tipsy

    So that’s where my Misfit’s bear went!!!!

  12. ctrl tab

    The Minotaur escaped from the labyrinth!

  13. It had to be said


  14. Wait a minute, if she’s wearing her shoes on her head, then what’s she wearing on her feet, third world babies?

  15. kiki

    Spiked double-dildo

  16. Hillary Clinton is not going to make a very good impression in the Middle East.

  17. Alex

    it looks like she removed the legs off of a midget dressed in bondage and put them on her head. seriously.

  18. Double D

    That’s one way to Poker-her-face.

  19. Unfortunately, Peter Dinklage discovered that riding on Lady Gaga’s shoulders wasn’t the safest way to get through the crowd.

  20. …and if I lose the bet, I will wear Gene Simmons codpiece as a hat. Deal?

  21. dontlooknow

    Lady Gag was feeling a little horney that day…


    Mr Bighand!

  23. Turd Ferguson

    What a lovely spiked penis hat.

  24. HeatherV

    painful double dildo hat

  25. cc

    Her next stage performance features an extended headstand sequence.

  26. Brennan Haley

    Mini Me swan dives onto Lady Gaga and Entertainment Tonight has the exclusive.

  27. lori

    The slack-jawed, glazed eye look is the piece de resistance here.

  28. There was a mythological creature of the same appearance but whenever it was drawn the artist committed suicide and took the image with them to Hades.

  29. Sin

    Enough already. Stop being an ass clown and be an artist. Or is this the only way she can get people to notice her?

  30. It looks like she cut a gothic doll in half and put the bottom half upside-down on her head. And that was before her daily dose of LSD.

  31. kimmykimkim

    “Shit you guys, I’m so fucking stoned right now! Does anybody know if I packed my spiked, double dildo harness?”

  32. Blech

    Looks like a midget fell from the sky and landed head-first into her head.

  33. isn’t that the thing that dude wore in the movie Se7en? I believe that was sin #4.

  34. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    I bet if you pull the toes back, her tongue (or something, anyway) shoots out.

  35. MisterSuccint

    With the NFL lockout suspending sales of team merchandise,
    some Minnesota fans have restored to wearing home-made team helmets.

  36. fartbucket

    If this doesn’t mean she has shit for brains I don’t know what does.

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