1. So you’re saying to be a rapper, I just have to put my brand new hat on backwards and pull my pants down while holding my penis?

  2. Big Sean is performing R. Kelly covers, now?

  3. EricLr

    Looks like Courtney Love got lucky last night.

  4. This just looks unhygienic.

  5. By the looks of the empty seats, Big Sean isn’t so big.

  6. Dick Hell

    I guess it explains why the first 12 rows of seats are empty.

  7. metoo

    He put the WANG in Wango Tango…

  8. neo_v

    only in America is this guy getting paid to do this….

  9. If he gets arrested I bet he pulls them up fast before they toss him in the cell.

  10. j/k

    I thought only poor people wore shoestring belts.

  11. “And one for my homies….”

  12. The front row is having deep regrets right about now.

  13. So was Ted there? If not, does this mean he’s gonna be in jail by next week because they used the name of one of his songs without permission?

  14. Johnny P!

    The bleachers were full until about 30 seconds ago…

  15. tito

    from that angle it either looks like “small sean” or “it’s really cold out” sean.

  16. “Potter was yet-again using the invisibility cloak to mouth-rape rappers.”

  17. Coyote

    Big Sean; Tiny DICK

  18. Alison

    We don’t get to see the Big part?

  19. HailSatan

    They allow this garbage yet they cancel the Behemoth show in Ohio USA (Land of the free) because of religious beliefs. They let kids watch this “No Talent Required” garbage?

  20. Support the fine arts – shoot a rapper.

  21. Flame on

    Terrific form.

  22. Fab u lous

    you know what the sagging pants means…in PRISON, and everywhere else, it means you are waiting for some guy to DO YOU FROM BEHIND!!!! GAY PRIDE!!!!!

  23. Amy

    Not pictured: Kim Kardashian.

  24. FattyMcGee

    Honestly, at some point you really are trying to hard.

  25. Bigalkie

    What a gearbox

  26. No fucking wonder — he’s in fucking Carson in So. California. All 142 people who showed up are potential homies.

  27. Phukit

    Can hardly even see the shit stains from this angle.

  28. Somewhere right now, the disembodied spirits of Malcolm X and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. are exchanging a sad, disappointed look…

  29. “Shit!!! I know I gots me a big one in here, somewhere.”

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