1. Just imagine the sound a screech owl makes while looking at this picture.

  2. KungFu Panda

    Reporter: “Brooke, who are you wearing?”
    Brooke: “Depends.”

  3. EricLr

    Here mirror just told her that she hasn’t been the fairest of them all in 25 years.

  4. Dick Hell

    Looks like her complimentary celebrity gift-bag should have included a tube of Preparation-H.

  5. Vince Vaughn in drag?

  6. elliotspitzer

    Oi vey. Never thought there would come a day when the words “Brooke Shields” and “tranny” would be in the same thought bubble.

  7. metoo

    “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”…

  8. phffft...

    Leona Helmsley still with us?!

  9. Anon

    She stopped being attractive as soon as she grew out of her adolescent years. When she actually finished developing she just started looking masculine.

  10. How many fucking award functions are there?

  11. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    El Líder Máximo is dead! … Long live his wife!

  12. dooood

    someone should introduce her to that horrifying shot of tori spelling

  13. Shields does her famous “Pat” impression…

  14. sexyman48

    Brooke Shields as Michele Bachmann in Lifetime’s The Surprise Photo.

  15. She looks like a German bodybuilder.

  16. AAPL made me rich!

    Traps! **slapping lats**

  17. name

    The adventures of Brooke, Queen of the Desert

  18. Bigalkie

    I probably still would.. Just to say that I did

  19. “Somebody let me up! I need to go put on some lipstick!”

  20. Joaquin ingles

    I think something just came in between her and her Calvins.

  21. tlmck

    Really need to lay off the roids.

  22. “As a special surprise for Brooke we have flown in, at great expense, her old pal TOM CRUISE…c’mon out, Tom!”

  23. mimi

    No Wire hangers! NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!

  24. puddleduck

    I thought Jackie O died.

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