1. She needs to spend a little more time in the sun.

  2. metoo

    I swear those are my grandma’s legs – she’s 85.

  3. j/k

    Attachment parenting works.

  4. Grand Poobah

    Nice nipples, shame about the dress

  5. Hot body on a redhead, I’ll take it. BOOBS!!!!

  6. Is it just me, or does that kid look annoying?

  7. Jessica Flynn

    This picture sucks in the full sunlight. I just watched the complete video on another site and they look perfectly darling.

  8. Jessica’a correct, in the video they look, “perfectly darling.” That’s Desp Housewive’s smokin hot Nora. She looks like the ab work is working cause that’s a flat stomach.

  9. kimmykimkim

    Who? Why?

  10. She puts the “tit” in “titian haired cutie.” yum yum.

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