1. EricLr

    Rebel, without a clue.

  2. Oh he’s a rebel alright. He doesn’t play by societies rules. Laws be dammed!

  3. Please let that paint be his actual blood he used in a coke binge…

  4. metoo

    His next role is Charles Manson: The Emo…

  5. Johnny P!

    His physical appearance and demeanor negate his spray-painted thought bubble.

  6. “If only I didn’t have the handwriting of a 5-year old; Then people would remember me for the rebel I played in that movie that one time.”

  7. It’s REPEL, stupid!

  8. Colin

    He’s so rebellious, he wrote the ‘L’ in cursive while the rest is in print! “GOD, he’s an artistic genius!” he imagines people are saying right now.

  9. James Franco is seen here in front of a giant “Robel” to promote his new role as the Hamburglar.

  10. I guess rebel and douche are interchangeable now.

  11. It should say “dumbbell” Not pictured dumb and the missing l.

  12. I can’t decide who looks more homeless, him or John Meyer.

  13. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    I can’t wait for time to do to this rebel what Sherman did to the rest.

  14. Your tongue, My balls.

    Jimmy was confused about something, about anything.

  15. CK

    for a moment I thought this douche was hocking cameras just like ashton. Nikon vs Canon. Douche รก douche.

  16. Amy

    “The word ‘rebel’ is such a technical term inspired by the beauty of life’s inconsistencies. You’ve probably never heard of it.”

  17. Bigalkie

    Poser Bitch

  18. Contusion

    Oh, it’s like a pictogram. R-douche-B-E-L.

  19. Looks like he auditioned for a spelling bee.

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