1. EricLr

    Oh shit, I forgot my dignity!

  2. Dick Hell

    She has that pregnant glow about her. Plus, all sixteen of her nipples are engorged.

  3. No she thinks she’s Lady Gagme. I hope this bitch falls on her fat ass and breaks everything.

  4. heater

    6 year old brain, 60 year old body.

  5. Grand Poobah


  6. Grand Poobah

    Where is the wet spot on the sidewalk?

  7. Sometimes little fat girls like Snooki have obsessive oral fixations on food. And sometimes that can carry over to incredible blowjobs. Just saying…

  8. Ash

    You’d think she could pay a stylist…

  9. It takes a very specific set of physycal mishaps for trashy high-heeled platforms to make you legs look even shorter.

  10. really? A fur hat in May? With Shorts? Jesus Christ.

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