1. EricLr

    And you were embarrassed by YOUR dad.

  2. Cock Dr

    That is a good choice of garb to be worn while out in traffic on a scooter…with your kid.

  3. $10 says that sweatshirt cost him more than a flatsscreen TV, but all of us would expect to see it in Goodwill for $5.

  4. He really loves Earth. He rides a scooter to his Prius.

  5. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    There’s some song about a kid having to grow up with a girly name like that, isn’t there? yeah… The son’ll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar…

  6. Johnny P!

    A black jacket that says “Death Song” surrounded by smiley faces worn over a black hoodie? Why, that’s almost as ironic as wearing it while you’re riding a…. oh fuck, forget it.

  7. Is it just me? Or is Anthony Kiedis built like a middle-aged lesbian…

  8. Anthony Kiedis is… The Retarded Railrodder.

  9. Buddy The Elf

    yeah that kid isnt fucked at all.

  10. HailSatan

    Everly Bear LOL!!!

    He’s signing up the poor kid for eventual bullying in school. He probably makes the kid wear a helmet when he goes from bed to the washroom.

    Back in the 80s when I used to skateboard. This idiot was the shit. Now? His just shit. He turned into those idiots that George Carlin made fun of. Vinnie, Frankie and Tommy will kick the shit out of KYYLLLEE! In this case. Everly Bear.

  11. Death song? Yeah, that’s what I thought the first time I heard “Rain Dance Maggie”, too.

  12. FattyMcGee

    “I’m still a rebel! I’m still hardcore!” Honey, tell them about my jacket!”
    “It’s true. It says Death Song and he wears it whenever he gos riding with the boys.”

  13. Bigalkie

    This guy’s a real jerkoff.. posing with his kid on a scooter.. Everly Bear? What a goof

  14. Contusion

    Good charlotte that’s embarrassing.

  15. “Team leader to Raven…as soon as he gets the kid into the car, open fire!”

  16. Quijibo

    Everly Bear?

  17. BbyBluThghHghs

    I totally thought that was Jon Gosselin.

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