1. Me

    What a boob. (Take that as you will.)

  2. Beauty in its most natural form.

  3. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    So it’s O Day as in O Day exploit for the genetic code?

  4. Have you ever seen Wendy Williams and Aubrey O’Day in the same room at the same time?

  5. Anyone (else) bear witness to this aggrandizing zilch on “Celebrity Apprentice”? Honey, you may very well be a (self-annointed) genius compared to the likes of Deborah Gibson, Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall; but they’re all blithering idiots, so…

  6. Boing

    thats a fat tittay!

  7. Bat shit crazy.

  8. gnarla

    Heyyyy, big tit.

  9. sousvide

    she looks like a 45 year old woman

  10. james


  11. Amy

    “Ruffles will hide the fact that I’m kinda hefty…That’s the ticket!”

  12. JustHereForTheLaughs

    Big boob, little boob.

  13. kimmykimkim

    You know – don’t even get me started.

  14. I believe there are several sodomy and obscenity laws and ordinances that I would really enjoy violating with this woman.

  15. lily

    still rockin the little mermaid tranny chic look

  16. Quijibo

    I can almost smell this through my computer screen, and it’s not pleasant.

  17. snooki

    Now that is a natural beauty!

  18. too much frosting on that cake

  19. puddleduck

    She needs to deflate.

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