1. It’s like 2 baked hams in a cage match, where the cage is made of mosquito netting.

  2. It’s the Stay Puff No Talent Whore….

  3. Seriously, two Deena Cortese shots in one update is too much.

  4. Fat ass in a little tutu, Fat ass in a little tutu

  5. it had to be said

    No self-respecting tranny would ever dress like this woman.

  6. Boing

    people just diving out of the way; hilarious…

  7. You

    I’d eat that ass.

  8. heater

    Depends…now available in French cut.

  9. Grand Poobah

    If that ass farts someone is gonna die from the jet wash!

  10. Frugal Gourmet

    She doin the Nixon, yo!

  11. BigDaddy

    This ass is still way smaller than Kim K.

  12. Haddo01

    Black Dolly Parton

  13. Grand Poobah

    I know this is gross but with an ass that size she is gonna use a whole roll of TP just to clean up the mess, and that just makes me shudder and kinda wanna puke at the thought

  14. What the fuck kind of zoo is this…???

  15. HITLER

    homo dancer in a wife beater

    ps i love kids

  16. Phukit

    There really needed to be a tactical nuclear strike aimed at this Wango Tango thing.

  17. YoMamma

    Not pictured at Wango Tango: Talent

  18. Crissy

    More like Nicki MiASS!!!

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