1. It looks like she’s wearing two tshirts and a bra, she must have some giant nipples if they’re showing through all that.

  2. Vlad

    Just proves my theory that if you squeeze her hand hard enough, her nipples will penetrate anything.

  3. Well, so long as one of you is looking up, I guess there shouldn’t be too much trouble with signposts.

  4. tlmck

    “Will no longer be famous if I dump her. Will no longer be famous if I dump her…”

  5. Buddy The Elf

    Aww, someone stole his black jacket and shirt?

  6. Frank Burns

    “Aw mannn, just when I think I’m looking the hottest she does the nipple trick again! I’m gonna ask Casper Smart how he handles this at the next support group meeting.”

  7. tom

    Well poor Jennifer who only downgraded since Brad dumped her.

  8. I’m just thrilled by how happy Justin looks.

  9. Humpin Frog

    She’s beginning to look like Barbara Streisand in this photo, circa 1970′s, and we all know what a knockout she turned into. He’s a lucky, lucky man. This is a marriage that will last solely on her residual checks and lots of side ass. Trust.

  10. The Pope

    This seems like too harsh of a punishment for him, just for writing “Iron Man 2″.

  11. Is he trying to pull a Kanye?

  12. I still say her nipples should’ve been the 7th & 8th cast members on Friends. They brightened up every scene they were in, the viewers were always happy to see them. Shame, they deserved at least one Emmy between them.

  13. Douche crew. This dude is always trying to look like he is some badass.

  14. I so enjoy seeing a couple so much in love laughing and enjoying each other’s company…

  15. renotastic

    Out for their morning consti-douche-inal.

  16. He’s sulking because he can’t get his hand out of the death clutch.

  17. That is not a good look for her. And she needs to get rid of that hairdo she’s had since the 90′s.

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