1. “Hilaria, I swear if your dog’s anus stares at me one more time, I’m gonna kick it clear across Manhattan…”

  2. Jesus Alec…..

    The whole point about marrying a piece of ass as your second wife, after you’ve already had kids, is to KEEP HER AS a piece of ass, not knock her up, dummy.

  3. Honey, take Mr. Tiddlebottom’s leash – Daddy’s gotta go kick some ass.

  4. Guess which one’s pregnant?

  5. Nonnie Moose

    She pooped on your shoe again, Alec.

  6. Cock Dr

    She makes him walk in the gutter….I like it.

  7. A sheer, tight black dress when you’re six months pregnant? There’s only one way to describe that fashion sense: Hilaria’s.

  8. Mojo Rising

    God he looks old. Poor little wifey gonna be raising that spawn all by herself when he is bed-ridden.

  9. bonerofcuntention

    That is one pointy baby!

  10. right

    She is playing the golddigger 101 playbook to perfection. Suck dick to get him to marry you. Then crap out 2 kids as fast as you can. Then, when you divorce him, it guarantees you 75K/ month and a nice house to live in for at least 18 years.

  11. “Goddamnit, just because you’re pregnant you won’t put out? You won’t blow me? Not even a handy? Well I’ve had enough! I’m gonna fuck that little dog.”

  12. bigalkie

    What a sucker!

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