1. Nothin’ to see here folks.. Move along…

  2. “No tongue, dude!”

  3. Vlad

    Ecstasy or hunger?

  4. tlmck

    “Sob… My wife just does not understand me…”

  5. Buddy The Elf

    Knew it.

  6. CK

    5 Years.
    Within 5 years, he WILL come out.

  7. donkeylicks

    As is the case with baseball where men slap each other on the ass (in a completely heterosexual manner) upon returning to the dug out, here we see David Beckham performing a similar gesture in which soccer players give each other open mouthed kisses when scoring a goal.

  8. “She smiled Pierre ! My wife actually smiled !”

  9. He just likes to make out with someone softer and curvier than his wife from time to time.

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