1. You can’t out-crazy the master! Bitch please…

  2. Buddy The Elf

    Mastering the Hollywood ‘Courtesy Laugh’ to get roles.

  3. photoshop, you know what to do.

  4. John

    give me the “Im taking a dick in my ass” face. LOL

  5. I want to spray water into their mouths until a balloon pops above their heads and I win a Van Halen mirror.

  6. Well if that’s not confirmation Berry has a dick…

  7. That’s as wide as Halle Berry’s mouth opens? No wonder she prefers white guys.

  8. Puddin Pop

    Scream at her all you want but DO NOT call her tiny ugly French ass boyfriend tiny ass or ugly!

  9. Julie looks good to go. I won’t touch Halle.

  10. Based on this photo, I pick Julie.

  11. This illustrates to even the most casual observer why Julie Bowen is so much more popular.

  12. jj

    nice plastic surgery ear scar

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