1. tlmck

    “Look everybody! I’m flat chested!”

  2. Does she act much, these days, or does she just attend events like this?

    • Trek Girl

      She makes commercials for Lays potato chips and Fancy Feast cat food… or Shiba cat food. The point is, I can’t be bothered to look at IMDb, but you may want to.

  3. After a sizzling career of cat food commercials and potato chip openings, she must be there for a photoshoot for her new gig as the face of Kleenex.

  4. hideous outfit

  5. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    Big Whoop!

  6. She’s beautiful.

  7. oldfool

    She made the blond tranny sport wood.

  8. Now promoting Hefty Cinch-Sack as well in this daring new campaign.

  9. Mac

    yeah she’s beautiful the way kim k is
    plaster makeup on “they look alike

  10. She’s attractive and all, but I need to go get a sweater because she leaves me cold.

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