1. That ladies and gentlemen, is the face of a man who just found out that AIDS can also happen to white people.

  2. Man, he looks like he’s wasting away…
    Who knew it would be a former reality star that would do him in (pun intended) and not scores of porn chicks.

  3. Vlad

    Wanting to die young just like the real James Dean

  4. BP

    I thought he died about 60 years ago……..

  5. tlmck

    Things have been tough for Screech since “Saved by the Bell”.

  6. I’m liking that Q*Bert floor though. Well I guess the kids would say Minecraft floor but whatevs.

  7. Cock Dr

    He was once a nice Jewish boy and then the porn industry got their meat hooks into him. We’ve all now seen just what the man has to do on a daily basis for his mortagage money; being a Sanitation Services Engineer or a Mortuary Sciences tech seems a lot more appealing.

  8. Don Draper's Dad

    It won’t stop!: … Dick in my ass, Dick in my ass, Dick in my ass…

  9. The Pope

    Having read McFeely Smackup’s review, I know that that is literally a shit-eating grin.

  10. Nonnie Moose

    This is a guy who gets paid a lot of money to perform every kind of raunchy sex act you can imagine with hot women. Those things you fantasize about and would give your left nut if your girlfriend/wife would just do once? He gets to do that every week to chicks a lot hotter than your girlfriend/wife AND gets paid for doing it.

    So yeah, this guy basically gets paid to live your dreams. Somehow I doubt he really gives much of a fuck what you think of him.

  11. He’s just smiling to himself, thinking about the time he stubbed cigarettes out in Farrah’s anus.

  12. Somebody’s been to Men’s Wearhouse. I guarantee it.

  13. This man is a personal hero of mine. Noonie Moose summed it up perfectly. Dude’s just fucking awesome. I would switch places with him in an instant.

  14. GenYgirl

    I live in a day and age where it seems the most decent, stand-up, and honest person in show business is a porn star. It’s a strange, strange life.

    • PJ Bandit

      Agree. Unlike actors/actresses pornstars don’t pretend to do anything else than what they do. Selling out their bodies for money. This is also a sad statement on the state of acting in today’s show business. Acting used to be an artform. That is not to say that making sex look good doesn’t require skill.

  15. chicka

    the leg cocked up on the wall is sex for sale, grimy back-door alley style… back in the day (in my country)

    yeah, no, no thanks.

  16. Little Tongue

    “So she thinks she’s pregnant? Hehe! My vasectomy says it ain’t me!”

  17. not even with a bag over his head

  18. Jenn

    Yeah, not even Ajax can wash off Eau de Teen Mom, can it?

  19. “Omigod, peeing in one’s pants feels so nice and warm at first…”

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