1. j/k

    I like the young Kim Kardashian behind him.

  2. This is how Terry Richardson likes me to kiss his ass.

  3. B&WMinstrel

    According to Wikipedia hipsters should be boiled alive until the flesh falls off their bones… Lobsters! Sorry, lobsters

  4. BP

    From the thumb, I thought this was Courtney Cox!

  5. Not nearly as handsome when his eyes are closed and his face squished into a convincing jellyfish impression.

  6. Copycat from the last photo

    Now give them the getting banged in the butt look….

  7. I feel like destroying something beautiful.

    But I guess Jared Leto will do.

  8. yung guns

    Looks like Adrian, Rick & Mike are giving Neil a hard time again.

  9. “Now…Place your lips firmly on Cee Lo’s ass!”

  10. bigalkie

    The World’s Most Hateable Man.

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