1. Dressed up for a night at Tim Horton’s.

  2. Siiiiiiiiiideboooooo-

    Oh. Wait. It’s her…..

  3. That’s some sexy side-revolver

  4. I think I had an outfit like that in 1992.

  5. BP

    Jay Leno’s jealous……..

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    I know she’s been hit in the head a few times, but she does know how a jacket works, right?

  7. Rob

    Dumb skank but I’d still tap that.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    “Don’t mind me, just arbitrarily holding this jacket against a store window. Nothing to see here . . . Hurry up and take the picture!”

  9. claire

    Omg look at me, I’m Rihanna and I’m so hot. The other night my boyfriend asked me in all seriousness if she has down syndrome.

  10. Happens every time she hears a police siren; like a reflex.

  11. Man, the women posters in here seem to be extra hateful tonight. Personally, I still think Rihanna would be a fun roll in the hay.

  12. Rihanna’s so fucked up from dating Chris Brown that she points a gun at her own boobs.

  13. Jenn

    I know she does a few different drugs, but.. That’s a jacket, not curtains.

  14. anonymous

    Someone fell off the denim tree and hit every branch.

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