1. tlmck

    Katy who?

  2. It’s never the really good looking ones that come out with a sex tape…

  3. Vlad

    If she turned around for a photo, it would prove once and for all that it wasn’t Katy (because Rosie has a tattoo across her lower back)

  4. Alex

    Are they fake? They look fake. Perfect. But fake….anyone know?

  5. The Pope

    Can I just pretend that it really is Katy for oh…another minute and a half?

  6. John


  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Oh, but when I do it people just make fun of me.

    - D. Beckham

  8. cc

    More of this, a lot of Katy. Please.

  9. ME

    I want to lick her fingers

  10. How thoughtful of her to do that for me.

  11. lily

    Katy Perry WISHES she had this body

  12. Go ahead and get started without me babe. I don’t know how long it’ll take this blue pill to kick in.

  13. To be fair, nobody was looking at her face.

  14. Sweet googly moogly. Goddamn.

  15. I don’t give two shits if she is Katy Perry, Rosie Jones, or Rosie Greer. That is a damn fine specimen of humanity!

  16. skunk

    titty model

  17. Rosie’s boobs are so fantastic that she can tuck her penis back in public with no one the wiser.

  18. Katy Perry

    I’d hit that.

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