1. “You also *taste* like beef jerky in face powder!”

  2. Whatever happened to her “husband”?

  3. She’s like the less successful Lindsay Lohan. I’m gonna let that marinate for a bit…

    • Nah, she’s knows she’s a horrible actress so she just embraces her career in escorting (which is apparently working for her). LiLo is a delusional asshole who still thinks she can get acting jobs, thus delaying her inevitable descent into solely escorting, and the longer she delays her descent, the more money she loses (with how rapidly she’s aging, she doesn’t have much time left in her to get the big bucks). Tara is by far more grounded and savvy.

  4. Well, I guess she can cross Mel off of her client list.

  5. These two are still together? My guess is the Mossad are testing out new broad-spectrum antibiotics with this guy.

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