1. Cock Dr

    So much hair to style and so little time to do it. We can’t imagine what it must be like to live under their heavy burden of fame.

  2. god damn I feel old

  3. fred

    Richard Marx and Rick Springfield introducing Just For Men-Shitty 80′s Soft Rock Edition.

  4. Looks more like Harry Hamlin and a time-traveling Eric Roberts…

  5. I wish them both the best for their impending marriage, especially for pre-op Kevin Sorbo.

  6. I kinda wish Ric Ocasek was in that picture too. But then again, I’m high on meth and PCP, and that would probably just freak me right the fuck out.

  7. Rick looks exactly like his character on The Simpsons.

  8. Forgettable dicks

  9. Confirming the theory that all former rock stars turn into old women.

  10. these guys have seen more trim than a barbershop floor.

  11. oldfool

    Is the star next to Max Headrooms?

  12. Heywood Jablomie

    old sad Keanu on the right?

  13. Fuck Jesse’s Girl, I wish I had Rick’s Hair!

  14. Don Draper's Dad

    I’ll take forgotten Rick’s for $400, Alex.

  15. When did Rick Springfield turn into an old lady?

  16. Unfortunately Billy Vera and Rockwell had other plans and weren’t able to attend.

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