1. Bonky

    Relax, I know its hard to believe, but she will be 21 next month.
    So please go back to your afternoon of fapping.

  2. I just formed an Ariana Grande in my pants.

  3. cajunhawk

    She is well behind on flashing anything…normal Nick/Disney stars have full beaver shots by 18.

  4. cc

    Billy Idol reduced to back up dancer. *sniff*

  5. She can tango with my wango any day.

  6. Damn she is a sexy little thing.

  7. I love sexy little women like her.

  8. tlmck

    I knew she would wind up as one of the hottest. Just had to get rid of that baby fat first.

  9. I would feel a little creepy doing this one, but do her I would.

  10. See, I just see a smug little vegan with marginal talent who needs to be set on fire. I’m like the anti-Zaloog.

  11. You know you’re old when “Los Angeles” is the only part of the sentence you’re able to understand.

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