1. “Must touch harlequin ass,” the transfixed crowd murmured.

  2. AC

    Check(I don’t want to)mate.

  3. Well sir, it appears to be in the shape of a Big Boy.

  4. I can see her finish line

  5. it took a whole parachute

  6. That outfit violates the basic rules of both chess and checkers, but jives perfectly with a game I call “roofies in the crawlspace”

  7. “Thank you, Los Angeles! Also, there wouldn’t be a tour without my wonderful sponsors. Thank you, Purina!”

  8. Her ass looks great, as usual.

  9. ElPollodiablo

    Hey! Don’t come around here no more.

  10. I hate to admit this, but I actually liked one of her videos I saw the other day.

  11. Ronaldo

    Nothing wrong with another white girl with a big Ass.

  12. There was actually a square on the seat of the pants before she put them on.

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