1. Tiggles

    “Hmm, maybe everyone is right, and I am a tedious punk? Nahh, if that was true, my nana wouldn’t have made me these cool shorts from her drawing room pillowcases! Now, if I could just find my hat . . .”

  2. Bonky

    Thug !

    LOL, just kidding.

  3. Check the XL shirt section of any vintage clothing store. Just .. just trust me on this.

  4. Is he wearing a sushi restaurant’s curtains?

  5. He tugs on his hair to activate the super-douche mode…

  6. You know there is someone in his life that thinks to him/herself, “there is no way, NO WAY he can top that shit yesterday” and will be shaking their head in utter speechlessness shortly thereafter. That person has not committed murder. How?

  7. JAMS are really making a comeback in Canada

  8. Beltliner

    He’s late for his tea date with Blanche, Rose, and Sophia on the lanai.

  9. oldfool

    Can’t find his camo Lambo.

  10. Odbarc

    What a tacky looking dress.

  11. Swearin

    Get it?! Because he makes girls pussies open up like flowers in bloom!

  12. Will he just pick a team already, Pitcher or catcher?

  13. Joe Blow

    Biebs is bar hopping. Next stop, The Blue Oyster Bar.

  14. “Damn…Seth said that?”

  15. “Damn it feels good to be a gangster…”

  16. Nice cullottes, thug.

  17. Ronaldo


  18. Jesse

    What in the world is Miley wearing now????

  19. Makes John Mayer’s outfit look pretty darn good, huh?

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