1. bonky

    “Gotta practice, practice. Gotta get rid of that gag reflex if I’m
    gonna go through with this change thing.”

  2. Banana and attending church?? I guess he did learn a lot from the Kardashians and their fame-whoring…

  3. It’s pretty much a given that once you become famous, bananas and lollis will press-fuck you over ’til the end.

  4. fred

    Did she put a condom on that banana?

  5. From the look of that peel, that was one BIG fucking banana.

  6. Don’t bite, bitch! I mean, dude…. whatever.

  7. Oh that Bruce. He IS still going by Bruce, right?

  8. “YES! Now that that damned Adam’s Apple is gone, I can finally swallow a whole banana!”

  9. Judd

    Great form Bruce! He’s definitely warming up for what comes next…in the confession booth.

  10. littletongue

    “Dear banana, all the way down my throat. Have you noticed that my apple is gone? You are now free to roam all you want. I love you, my sweet, sensuous, banana.”

  11. Odbarc

    *My plan is going great. Everyone thinks I’m jamming a banana down my throat*

  12. cc

    Given this family, he’s probably thinking of Kylie or Kendall.

  13. The best part of living with the Kardashians was all the fresh bananas Bruce got. It was weird, but they would only eat the black ones.


  15. donkeylicks

    “No one’s saying you can’t eat a banana, Bruce. But you can’t stand on the corner sucking it for 30 minutes. You have to actually take a bite.”

  16. CDubs

    Nope. Too easy.

  17. “I’m almost ready Alejandro…almost ready”

  18. Vlad

    I’m a chick with a banana and I’ve come to say, if you want to change your gender there’s an easy way…

  19. *sniff* “I miss you, Bi-Curious George.”

  20. Nut bra

    Bruce eating a soft one. How apt.

  21. alexxx3488

    So this guy walks into a church…no wait, this lady walks into a church…and he loses his apple…or, no…he wraps his lips around a banana…you know what I forget the rest of it, but the punchline is he tosses a salad.

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