1. joe

    She’s practicing pulling plugs.

  2. Figure like a cereal box. Ugh.

  3. “Um…Crystal…You’ve got one of Hef’s pubes caught in your teeth.”

  4. CK

    From BJ’ing to DJ’ing. Sort of a sideways career move.

  5. cc

    I wonder what the photographer was saying “hey Crystal, strike a stupid pose!’

  6. Sadly, Crustal died just two weeks after this photo when she chewed through the power cord of her sybian.

  7. dennis

    This is what passes for a playmate these days? No wonder no cares about Playboy these days except for their orgies, I mean parties at the mansion.

  8. How does she hold her pant up with no hips? Then again I guess she doesn’t need pants most of the time.

  9. Nut bra

    She should be encouraged to chew more cords.

    Preferably ones that are plugged in.

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