1. Smapdi

    Sorry, Shia, pastels do not douchebag camouflage make.

  2. My niece is on the same AYSO soccer team. Go Teal Seals!

  3. Pickle Nose

    I have to say, I’d rather see him in this than the stupid tight jeans and combat boot combo he’s been wearing for th past year.

  4. Wait he has other clothes?

  5. alex

    He’s not crying out for attention at all. Not at all.

  6. Judd

    Even in the 80′s only a few flaming gay men dressed that way

  7. This guy reinvents my hate with every new picture.

  8. Every time I think we’ve reached peak douche, Shia goes and raises the bar again.

  9. Swearin

    Give it up, dude. They’ve already filmed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Michael Bay wouldn’t take you back anyway

  10. Toopier

    Your move, Shia LaBeouf! No wait. This is confusing.

  11. His latest avant-garde exploration of human sexuality is his role as The Riddler in the all male XXX: Batman porn parody.

    SPOILER ALERT: That corded thing ends up in his asshole.

  12. Is that a vibrator with a electrical cord? Lets hope he has that up his ass while he takes a dip in the bathtub.

  13. “This robin-egg colored getup shouldn’t create any attention.”

  14. “Out of my way! I’ve got a fuck date with a smurf.”

  15. David Banner

    Hey, Zach. Meet me at The Max. I’ve got a package for Lisa Turtle if you know what I mean. Screeech Smash!!

  16. David Banner

    You won’t like me when I’m douchey!!

  17. He is always out in the street, are you telling me none of you fuckers out there in LA can’t run his dumbass over with a car already? Kardashians too while you are at it.

  18. As a gay guy I have to say, I honestly didn’t know we play soccer.

  19. …eeeeennd …scene.

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