1. Bonky

    “Hey, you girls, yeah you. Do you know who we are ? We’re famous.
    Famous movie stars… me and him. You wanna go out on a date.
    You two and us… both of us ? You can tell your friends you dated a
    couple of Hollywood hunks….. Oh, never mind, they’re leaving.”

  2. He’s not a looker, but I love me some RG.

  3. Ricky looks like Stephen Fry got a gastric bypass…

  4. It’s a wonder why ridiculously rich men do not get shit-faced all the damn time. This photo should the norm, not the exception.

  5. “We’re both from island countries right?”
    “Good. My country made your country from our criminals, right?”
    “Uh…I suppose.”
    “Good. So it only makes sense that you go over to there and steal the hubcaps off of Larry Flynt’s wheel chair.”

  6. “laehavnsdrgoiwehfkdvn”

  7. cc


  8. “Yeah, thash right: we’re mothers by a different brother! *burp* I mean, different other Smothers brothers! *hic* Others’ brothers’ different mother!”

  9. The most obnoxious man in the world next to one of the world’s most violent hotheads? And they’re both drunk? What do you know – sometimes two wrongs do make a right.

  10. ReaveJones

    Are they not both just doing Derek?

  11. Nut bra

    As an Australian I’d just like to say………………………………..

    Russell Crowe isn’t ours!! Blame the Sheep fuc……….I mean…. Kiwis.

    If RC wasn’t a rich and famous actor then he wouldn’t get a second look on the street. Face like a smashed crab.

  12. A Small Patch of Liquid

    “Yes, waiter. We’d like some new wine, a fresh bottle. Preferably from this year, still warm.”

  13. JimBB

    Drinkin’ round the world!

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