1. Why are they both hyphenated Taylors? What kind of name fuckery is this?

    • in an all out blinding display of asshattery, he took HER last name. Helga the 70 year old witch there.

      • dennis

        Doesn’t explain anything since her last name is Taylor-Wood and he is using Taylor-Johnson.

        Unless her last name is Taylor and each of them adds which synonym for dick they prefer.

  2. JBJJ

    Ditch that old Grandma, jeezuz christ. You really want to be shagging that when you’re 40? She’ll be 64……..

  3. Storm

    So does that mean their kid’s surname will be Wood-Johnson?

  4. I don’t advocate divorce…except in this case. Gee Whiz!

  5. So are they brother and sister??

  6. “Guess which one of us spent more time on their hair this morning.”

  7. oldfool

    There’s something about…Sam.

  8. cc

    Wow, that must be some personality.

  9. “Nope, nothing strange about our marriage. Lots of guys are married to older women. Like…Hugh Jackman! Yeah. Nothing strange there either. Nope. No-sir-ee.”

  10. interesting looking beard there…

  11. Taylor-Wood, but I wouldn’t.

  12. roofiesyum

    We all know how this one ends: “I left a can of Spam in your refrigerator… I hope your Brewers Yeast doesn’t take it personally.” *SLAP* ;)

  13. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    That is one of the fugliest women to EVER walk a red carpet …

    … it would look more natural if she was crawling out from underneath the carpet.

  14. It’s nice of him to bring his Mom to the premiere. It was Mother’s Day, after all.

  15. Is he still keeping his first husbands name?

  16. tlmck

    The new CBS show, “How I married my mother”.

  17. “No. This is not my mother.”

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