1. If it fits, it ships….

  2. Bonky

    Its always uncomfortable for Peter when he goes to the Post Office.
    “Why cant they make mail boxes for short people ?”.

  3. He looks a little uncomfortable.

    Ba dum tsh!


  5. He’s taking that postage stamp to the letter he wants to send.

  6. Swearin

    “Hey guys, so about all that stuff I said in court last night? You know, about wishing I had killed all of you? My bad.”

  7. Yes, even little people can make the mistake of thinking its only a fart coming.

  8. cc

    Someone sent him a short note.

  9. Vlad

    Sorry the package is late. Took me forever to walk across town.

  10. “Sorry guys, I’m a little late.”

  11. Pillsy

    Yeah but you too-tall folk had to buy a plane ticket to get here.

  12. “Gotta go… Santa needs me !”

  13. dennis

    So when he is done licking the stamps does he get full?

  14. US post sends priority mail via Peter Dinklage hence the grimace. You do know how many are sent in NY in 24 hrs?

  15. Mr. FU

    Deleted dream sequence from ‘Castaway.’

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