1. Ralph

    What a clown (not meant in a good way).

  2. Can someone please reach under and just confirm what the rest of us already know????

  3. “Urrraaauugghhgg-nuuur-graaaaaafrooook.”
    “So an iced tea then?”

  4. Some things are just meant to stay in the deep deep recesses of the ocean.

  5. Didn’t know they made a straight to DVD White Chicks 2. You can’t fool me Marlon Wayans…

  6. I know for sure that’s a man.

  7. tlmck

    Are we sure that’s not Brad Garrett?

  8. Released another still from the new Godzilla flick opening this week?

  9. (puts on human skin vest)
    “mmm….I’d DO me…”

  10. JO JO

    Thats a man baby …Yea!

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