1. Seriously, Jenna, if you weren’t married to a massively buff MMA star who could kill me with his left pinky, I’d say that all the plastic surgery is getting you two steps away from resembling Jocelyn Wildenstein. But since Tito’s your man, hey, it looks good on you!

  2. She looks like Shauna Sands here. Time for a comeback with the “twins lesbian special.”

  3. Richard McBeef

    I like to think that the gajillions of soldiers that were deployed into wadded up tissues and dirty socks through the mid 90s did not die in vain.

  4. bob

    Just the thought of her makes me hard

  5. Ismoss

    Something smells like Electroglide.

  6. Cock Dr

    If this is what a highly successful porn star looks like after escaping the business it doesn’t bode well for anyone else in that industry. She is turning into a hardcore freakface.

  7. Codot

    She doesn’t suck dick for money anymore? Why is she still around then?

  8. pretty scary

    i can hardly recognize her
    without a dick in her mouth.

  9. “I’m wearing one of these bandage dresses and people are still staring at my ridiculous lips!”
    “Here, let’s see what we can do with this electrical tape…”
    (How this happened.)

  10. Billybob

    Turn that frown injection-side down!

  11. dieter

    the expression she has says to me “i know, i fucked up my face.” but its hard to tell with botox. she could be trying to grin.

  12. ri

    How is this notable? An hour later she was at the luxor then an hour later she was at the hard rock, then an hour later she was at the mirage then she was seen counting a lot of money,

  13. The Brown Streak

    Vic: I see she’s ready to play Wall Buggers, Ken…now let’s go down on Guy LaDouche…I mean let’s go TO…
    Kenny: Heheheh, you said “down”.

  14. G Spot Finder

    Almost lifelike

  15. El Jefe

    Damn I remember when I used to want to bang her so bad.

  16. lawn

    All coked up as usual.

  17. she looks like her sex life is going great

  18. Every time a porn star is photographed it steals a bit of their soul. I think this one finished the job.

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