1. This is the first time I’ve seen Miranda Lambert and not thought “tree stump.”

  2. The Pope

    Tits really do make everything better.

  3. Cock Dr

    I’m assuming that Ms Lambert was able to make it through the evening without bending over or sneezing, otherwise she would have certainly gotten her own SW posting today.

  4. Is this the first time Adam Lambert’s been on this site since the operation? (Awesome sex change, by the way. Just…awesome.)

  5. chubby but shes cute…15 pounds off would do her good

  6. Jenn

    That dress needed to come up an inch or two at the boobs.

  7. Jenna

    This chick is only 29 years old. 29!!!!!! I’m ten years older than he and look 10 years younger than her. There’s no excuse for looking so old when one is so young Miranda.

    • Nahhh…she looks great! Very pretty. She doesn’t look old, at least not to me. But then few people do anymore.

      • Jenna

        You didn’t read my comment correctly. I said she looks old FOR HER AGE. She’s 29, and to me, she looks at least 39. Obviously 39 isn’t old, but it is old if you look 39 and you’re only 29.

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